Parkway Partners: Businesses Supporting the San Joaquin River Parkway


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An investment in our Valley 

Community-minded companies recognize that an investment in parklands makes the Valley a better place to live - and that's good for business. Research shows that access to recreation in natural spaces is essential for the physical, environmental, social, and economic health of a community. The River Parkway Trust partners with businesses that share our commitment to conserving land and providing places where people can experience renewal in nature. 

Local support underlies thirty years of success

Since our founding in 1988, we have partnered with local businesses and individuals to create an amenity that is enjoyed by over 50,000 people annually. To date, the San Joaquin River Parkway consists of 4,000 acres, of the Parkway's planned 6,000 acres. These protected properties are stitched together by 7 + miles of trail and river access sites where people can picnic, explore, fish, and paddle. Hundreds of acres of river bottom lands are being retored to benefit wildlife. Each year, thousands of Valley children have the chance to connect to the river through education programs like River Camp and school field trips. 

parkwaypartners copyWorking together, we both win 

Your investment in the Parkway will enhance your business and build a solid foundation for our organization. We are looking for partners who: 

  • Recognize the value of creating and protecting a 22-mile Parkway from Friant Dam to Highway 99
  • Support environmental, conservation, health, or community development initiatives that align with creating and maintaining the highest quality of life for all Valley residents