Please note that these videos are not a substitute for on-the-water training and experience.

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General Safety Information:

Rescue Throwbag Demo by

How to: Stuff a Rescue Throwbag by NRS


Canoe Techniques

Tandem Canoe Basics by Paul Mason

Tandem Canoe Essentials by Paul Mason

Tandem Canoe Eddy Turns by Paul Mason

Canoe Steering, J-Stroke and Sweep by Dave Wooldridge

Introduction to Canoeing - 37-minute video that covers the basics of equipment, tiedowns, and both flatwater and whitewater paddling techniques

Canoe Strokes and Control - 7 minute video and article on


Kayaking Techniques:

3 Golden Rules of Recreational Kayaking by Paddling TV

How to get the most from your forward stroke by Paddling TV

Kayak Instruction by NRSWEB - Series of 28 videos; most applicable to sit-insides vs. sit-on-tops


Rescue Techniques:

Water Rescue: Reach, Throw, Row but Don't Go by Army Corps, Nashville District

Review of Knots for Whitewater (Swiftwater) and Rope Rescue by Boreal River Rescue

Review of Anchors for Whitewater (Swiftwater) and Rope Rescue by Boreal River Rescue

Mechanical Advantage Systems for Whitewater, Swiftwater, and Technical Rope Rescue by Boreal River Rescue

Safety and Rescue by NRSWEB - Series on Rescue for River Runners plus 2 bonus videos - focus is on whitewater but these provide great information about rescue equipment and strategies