Introducing the 2021 River Camp Staff! 



Molly Schnur-Salimbene

Community Programs Director

"River Camp is a place where anything can happen in the most amazing and unexpected ways, and I love to be a part of that!"




Katie Kincaid

River Camp at Owl Hollow Director

"River Camp has always held such a special place in my heart. As a child growing up on the River, a love of adventure, an interest in conservation, and a passion for teaching grew and grew each summer while attending River Camp. I cannot wait to provide the same excitement for todays future leaders. Now more than ever, connecting youth with the outdoors is vital. It's time to step away from those screens, discover our local environment, safely interact with peers, soak up some sun, and splash in the San Joaquin!"




Maryan Riojas

River Camp at Firebaugh Director

 "I’m excited to spend another summer on the river with her Firebaugh community! Can’t wait to play some games, sing some songs, and splash around with all new & returning campers."




Lauren Black

Young Explorers Director

 "No matter what is going on in the world, camp is a place where you feel loved and free to be absolutely weird, joyful, curious, and completely you. Every year I look forward to cultivating new experiences for campers to interact with beautiful spaces and building connections with our amazing camp staff!"




Emily "Scar" Scarborough

River Camp at the River Center Director

 "I'm so excited to be River Camp at the River Center Director this summer! River Camp is my absolute favorite place, and I'm most looking forward to seeing our campers and staff spend time outside enjoying nature!"




Angelica "Angie" Luquin

River Camp at Firebaugh Counselor

 "This camp season I am excited to be with kids and to make sure they enjoy their summer in a safe environment in where they can have fun outdoors."




Aubrey "Aubs" Olson

River Camp at the River Center Head Counselor

 "River Camp is a place where anyone and everyone can be their true authentic selves. I am excited this year, that camp is happening and we are able to provide a place where these kids can escape the craziness of this past year and truly be themselves while having fun and learning more about our environment!"




Brandon Babauta

River Camp at Owl Hollow Head Counselor

"Looking forward to another year full of friendship bracelets, water play dance parties, & all the crazy that camp is all about"




Carina Damian

Young Explorers Counselor

"I am excited to create memorable experiences for campers and splash in the river! I love Camp because of its inviting and friendly atmosphere where it's okay to be silly and we get to learn about wildlife and meet amazing people!"




Cali Nalchajian

River Camp at the River Center Counselor

"I can't wait to be surrounded by positive people and meet some amazing campers!"




Damaris "Dama" Flores

River Camp at Firebaugh Counselor

"What I'm most excited this year is to have another fun summer and to see all the campers !!"




Emily "Hugs" Hughes

River Camp at Firebaugh Head Counselor

"I am so excited to be outside every day and teach as much as I can about our beautiful river! I love the energy of every camper and all our staff!"



Elizabeth Sperling

River Camp at Owl Hollow Counselor

"So excited to meet everyone! I can’t wait for the best summer ever!"




Gabriela "Gabi" Santellano

River Camp at Firebaugh Lifeguard

"I’m so excited to be a part of the team again and to make this summer the best yet for my Firebaugh kids!"




Hadarah Kok

Young Explorers Counselor

"I love camp because I get to spend the summer outdoors and learn more about our environment while getting to meet new people!"




Hannah Olson

River Camp at the River Center Counselor

"I am most excited for this to be my first year as a counselor, so I am able to be out there all summer with the kids. I love camp because it is a fun place for these amazing kids to come learn and play during there time off, and I love that camp is always an unforgettable experience."




Isaac Spencer

River Camp at Owl Hollow Lifeguard / Counselor

"I am most exited to work with all of the kids during camp and to keep them safe while they are swimming."




Josh "Classic Josh" Baker

River Camp at Owl Hollow/River Center Counselor

"I can’t wait to splish splash all day in the river while we sings songs into the heavens."




Nick Difuria

River Camp at Owl Hollow Counselor / Lifeguard

"I’m most excited to have fun with all the campers down at the water!"




Savannah "Sav" Blagen

Alternate Counselor

"I am most excited to rejoin the River Camp staff, and meet all of my new campers! You can catch me doing the robot while singing the moose song (fun fact: it’s my favorite)."




Sierra Evans

River Camp at Owl Hollow/River Center Counselor

"I am so excited to have an amazing summer with all of the wonderful campers! I can't wait to sing our favorite camp songs and take part in all the activities river camp has to offer!"




Shirley Ly

Young Explorers Head Counselor

"I'm excited to be outside and teach our campers how to love and appreciate all the wonders of nature!"




Spencer "Spence" Nelson

River Camp at Owl Hollow Counselor

"I'm especially excited for River Camp Rangers!"




Heidy Puerta

(Not Pictured)

River Camp at the River Center Counselor

"I am excited to meet all the campers this year and have many exciting adventures. I love camp because it makes me feel connected to nature and I just overall love being outdoors."



Kristen Nelson

(not pictured)

River Camp at Firebaugh Counselor


"What I’m most excited about this camp season is teaching and exploring the outdoors with the campers! And playing in the river!!"




In loving memory of Vicky Kinciad, River Camp "Happiness Police" for 25 years.