Below you will find links to some of the River Parkway Trust's recent seasonal fundraising letters. These letters include stories of the work made possible thanks to the support of the Trust's generous members and donors. 

2021 Year-End Letter

“This is so great for the children – teaching them about where they live.”

2021 Fall Letter
You can help provide programs that get children out of the house and into the wild. And help protect the land, water, and wildlife habitat where connection happen - today and forever.

2021 Summer Letter
You can help support future generations of river stewards, and inspire leaving a legacy of land conservation. 

2020 Year-End Letter 
You can help protect and steward places like Sycamore Island for the next generation. 

2020 Fall Letter 

2020 Spring Letter 
You can help nurture future generations of scientists and river stewards. 

2019 Spring Letter 
Your support for protecting wildlife habitat matters. Randy the roadrunner has provided a source of inspiration and delight to children, families, and visitors to the River Center that have been lucky enough to spot him. 

2018 Year End Letter 
"Learning about the water cycle is pretty cool, isn't it? our Education Docent Katie asked Eric during the classroom presentation. "It's not cool...Eric said excitedly, "it's incredible!" 

2018 Fall Letter
"I love to swim in the pool," Shay said one morning at River Camp. "But I was nervous about swimming in the river. The river is new to me." 

2018 Spring Letter
"This time, let the public's right to share directly in a great natural resource be the primary motive." Roger Tatarian, A river park for us, future generations.

2017 Year End Letter
The year is 2050. The 22-mile San Joaquin River Parkway has reached full buildout, and looks like...what?

2017 Fall Letter 
"You can't save it," they said. "Just tear it down." 

2017 Spring Letter
"Oh wow! I see a bald eagle!" This from a third-grade student, Anna, whose only experience with bald eagles came from a textbook. She was elated. It's the same feeling many of us get when we spot a deer leaping through the trees, or when a bobcat saunters by in the waning sunlight. 

2016 Fall Letter
Gabriel held the acorn carefully, bringing it up to his eyes for a closer inspection. HIs camp counselor asked the group, "What does the acorn feel like?" With a wide smile Gabriel exclaimed, "It's like I'm holding a whole tree in my hand!" 

2016 Spring Letter
Imagine...You're a birder and you often visit the San Joaquin River Parkway hoping to add to your life list. On a visit to Jensen River Ranch at Woodward Park, you see brown and white feathers in the distance. What is it? You see a burrowing owl hiding out in the grass along the edge of the bluff. Another bird species to add to your list. 

2015 Year End Letter  
Do you remember your first experience with nature? For Robert, a first grade student at Turner Elementary, it was a field trip to the San Joaquin River.