What's Happening Now 

River West Trail Rendering The River West Fresno Trail Extension project is currently under environmental review. The San Joaquin River Conservancy is the lead agency for the project. In December, the Conservancy Board will vote on what will be included in the final project and will certify the project Environmental Impact Report.


The Conservancy will hold two public meetings:

November 15, 2017 at 10:00 am at Fresno City Hall 

December 13, 2017 at 10:00 am *Location to be announced.


The Project 

The San Joaquin River Conservancy is proposing a project to extend the Lewis S. Eaton Trail approximately 2.5 miles on over 500 acres of public land. The project site is called Spano River Ranch or River West Fresno and is located between Highway 41 and Palm Avenue.

The River West Fresno project will provide public access to 500 acres of open space and the San Joaquin River. Once complete, there will be a continuous trail from the River Center to Palm and Nees.




What's at Stake 

The proposed River West Fresno project includes one vehicle access point at the Perrin Avenue Undercrossing off of Highway 41. This is excellent access for residents of Madera County. The proposed project access point would require an additional 10 mile round trip for Fresno residents to the Fresno property. Fresno residents would have to drive in to Madera County on Highway 41, and then back into Fresno on the old 41 bridge to reach the site. 

The Draft Environmental Impact Report also studied project alternatives to provide additional vehicle access to the project site from Fresno. Alternative 1 would provide access at Riverview Dr just off Audubon, a public road to a public property. Alternative 5 would provide vehicle access on an old gravel haul road near Palm and Nees. The River Parkway Trust is encouraging the Conservancy Board to approve the River West EIR with Alternative 1 —providing additional vehicle access to the project site from the City of Fresno.






Without Alternative 1 or Alternative 5 residents will not have vehicle access to River West Fresno in Fresno. 


To help you visualize the potential access to River West Fresno, we made some videos. Links are included below. 

Proposed Project and Alternative 1 - Please note that you need to watch the entire video to see the Alternative 1 access point. 

Alternative 5


Make Your Voice Heard 

Please attend the upcoming meetings San Joaquin River Conservancy Meetings on November 15, and December 13. The Conservancy needs to hear from you. Come ask the Conservancy Board to approve Alternatives 1 and 5 and provide access to River West Fresno in Fresno. 


Read the Updates 

Click on the links below to read the River Parkway Trust’s email newsletters of the River West Fresno DEIR.

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Additional Background Information 

Click here to review the RDEIR

Click here to review the City of Fresno’s Palm Bluffs River Access Schematic Design Report

Click here to visit the San Joaquin River Conservancy website


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